About Us

I think my girlfriends and I have always been red hatters without the red. I have always loved hats and started collecting vintage hats many years ago. We would all don one of my vintage hats and go out for lunch to celebrate one occasion or the other. We also had a "coolie" hat (a garage sale find) we would wear on our 

birthdays, well decorated with junk jewellery. That was the beginning of the hat decorating, and now I have decided to do it as a red hat business.

Well, now that I have added the red, there is no looking back! I am a mother of two grown girls, and one grand-daughter. Hopefully, one day they will feel the same way I do about hatting. In a couple of years I am thinking of retiring from my job, and have looked for something that will fill my days with joy. This seems like the perfect job for me!

I love to travel, and have been to a few red hat conventions. In fact, our town of Kitimat hosted a 'Bull-o-rama' event two years in a row.  Bull-O-Rama is a bull-riding contest....complete with good looking cowboys! Whoo hoo!! It worked as a perfect venue for our ladies to sport their western wear and enjoy the event.

Decorating and wearing hats, spending time travelling with my girlfriends, and meeting new hatters from all over....I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.

~ Carol Dale, Owner